Care Packages at Rosemount Care Home

  • Short or long stay.
  • Respite and convalescence.
  • Day care

At Rosemount we offer long & short-term stay to residents who are 65 and over. The care team will deliver care in a home that is happy, homely and friendly. There is an open and inclusive atmosphere within the home.


Our aim is to provide a care home that offers a safe, comfortable environment with support and stimulation to help residents maximise their potential physical, intellectual, emotional and social capacity. Service users have the right to live as normal a life as possible and to have the respect of those who support them.

Flexible Care

Residents are regularly reviewed and evaluated and care plans made. The resident is included in formulating their care plan. Alterations in the level of care required are interchangeable, and should any resident’s needs change during their time with us the level of care can be altered.


Rates are linked to the level of dependency and the needs of the individual. Rates for day care, respite and convalescent care are available on request.